Study permit application

Study permit application tip

Please note, all applicant must read and check related your visa, study permit application.
ONLY is the official website for your legal document.

Study permit Application link (Outside of Canada)

Key Point

  1. All document must be in English or French
    Bank statement, School transcript, company letter etc.
  1. All currency must be in Canadian Dollar
    Any amount of currency, must show in Canadian dollars. Check the currency rate and put in the Canadian dollar amount.
  1. Cross checking – Application (IMM1294) information must be accurate with supported document
    School letter (Start date, school name, end date, program)
    Bank statement (the amount of the statement and balance should be the same as application)
    Identification – Name of spelling, full name, and last name must be the same as passport.
    (Some people don’t use their farther name, or grand farther name, but it shows on your passport, you must use as a legal name)
  1. Support document must be issued government related
    Good sample: Tax form, income certificate, School transcript or certificate
    Bad sample: Company letter, relative support letter
  • This study permit will be issued when you arrive in Canada on the first day.