Student working

Off Campus, Coop work, Post-graduation work permit

Please note, all applicant must check related your visa, study permit application.
ONLY is the official website.

Off Campus work (No need to apply. It comes with your study permit based on your program)

Key Point

  1. Study permit holder (Remark will comment on your study permit)
    Full time student
    Academic, Professional, Career program ONLY
  1. Conditional acceptance
    Not allow to work during ESL program.
  1. 20 hours/week. Full time during school vacation. NOT personal vacation or break.
    Cannot work more than 5months as full time (Total vacation shouldn’t be more than 4 months per year)

Co-op Work (Apply with the study permit – select co-op or apply work permit or Apply separately)

Key Point

  1. Study permit holder (Separate work permit)
  • Full time student
  • Work employment must be an essential part of the program. (School will provide a letter for your coop)
  • Cannot more than 50% of the total program period

Spouse Work (Apply with your study permit as an accompany or apply separately)

Key Point

1. Study permit holder
Full time student at Public post-secondary Institution.
Full time student at Private post-secondary institution offer ONLY degree granting program.