P&P Services

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  • School admission services
    1) Public elementary, secondary school admission
    – Grade 1 to 12 admission
    2) Private secondary school admission
    – Fastest admission, transfer credits, student services support
    3) ESL school admission services
    – Adult ESL school, Pre-University, Pathway ESL, IELTS preparation
    4) University, College admission services
  • Custodian, Homestay services
    1) Under 18 years old, custodian services
    2) Homestay placement, Airport Pick up
    3) Landing services
    4) Parent, Teachers meeting
  • Visa, Study permit support services
    1) Study permit, visa
    2) Accompany with parent
    3) Study permit extension, Coop work permit, Off campus work permit
  • University admission consultation
    1) IVY league admission project
    2) High ranking of Universities in Canada
    3) University transfer, College admission
  • Total care services
    1) Middle school to university admission total care services
    – Admission, visa, Study permit, custodian services
    – Manage credits, transcript, teachers meeting, tutor services
    – University consultation, UBC, SFU or IVY league universities admission services