Study visa Preparation

Immigration website ( explains every forms and detail document requirement. However, they don’t tell you that the ratio of refusal or amount of money you needs. You only guess based on general idea and common senses.

This below self questions and preparation my different based on the country. but you may think about how you prepare the document.

– Do I have enough money Minimum $40,000 ~ $50,000 Canadian dollars to approve? Go for it. If not, you are highly chance to refuse. But you still can try.
– If you have less than $10,000 to prove, you may not enough fund to stay in Canada. it means your study permit will be denied.

How immigration officers know your status with ONLY document?
– Most officers check your visa application and make a judgment that you are right person to study in Canada.

  1. Clear document – Whenever you submit any document, it should be clear scan and clear letter must show. If the document is not clear, hard to read, I guess the officer start doubt your document is not genuine. Even if its correct document, then you must make it clear or high resolution to show. If there is a hand writing, you must write clear writing. But, I never recommend to handwriting
  1. Clear English/French document – All document must submit in English. How? My school, work, bank even don’t have English document. Then, you must translate in English and notarized. Please note, the officer will not even try to look your own language document.
  1. Cross checking – Your application and all the support document are matching?
    It is the common mistake and most people refuse this reason.
  • You usually don’t use your father’s name. So, you didn’t fill up on the application. But, your passport shows on your father’s name. You are definitely have a good chance to refuse. Even if you are not using father’s or grandfather’s name, but it shows on your legal document (Passport), you must use it fully in your application and acceptance letter include all document. Because it’s common sense.
  • Your bank statement is $52,245.04, you fill up the application form $150,000 because I have another $100,000 another bank. But I think $50,000 is enough to show.

If you think $50,000 is enough, then only show the $50,000 and fill it up $50,000

If you fill up $150,000, then you must show approve another document.

  • Address – Loa Address, Bank document address, your application address, any support document address should be the same. Sometimes the address is same reading sound of your own language, you must match all letter and spelling match. If you moved during the application, you have to match all document same address and same spelling
  • Common mistake – You must check spelling check, even word space. If school document has some mistake with address spelling, you better ask re-issue the letter. Officers may understand it’s the mistake. But, if you have more than ones, they start doubt is not genuine student.

Enough fund and consistent income

  • If you have a million Canadian dollars in your or your father’s account, but you can’t prove where the money come from, the officer is not going to believe that is your money.
  • You must approve that you have a consistent income. For example, 6 months bank statement. 6 months ago, your balance was $200,000, and current balance is also $200,000 is GOOD. But, 6 months ago, your balance was $5,000 and current balance is $300,000 is NOT good. In this case, you have to explain why the balance increased in last 6 months. If you can explain and added support document, it’s fine. But if you can’t approve it, NOT Good.
  • Generally, minimum balance is $45~$50,000 stable amount. However more balance is better.
  • Paid in full – School receipt is help to approve that you have enough money.

If you pay only Deposit or application fees, the officers think you may not going to study.

Medical test, Bio-metric test

  • Are you really want to study in Canada? Then, why not doing your medical test now? Do it as soon as you apply your visa. Do not wait until immigration request. You can show your intention to study.
  • If your country required Bio-metric exam as well, do it as soon as you get a confirmation. You need to show your intention.